About Us

Hey everyone!  Sthefanie Welch here; I am the owner of The Black Daisy and I wanted to tell you a little bit about how The Black Daisy became a reality and a little about myself!

In early 2016 I started selling jewelry for another small business owner.  From the beginning it took off faster than I ever expected and I felt like I had found my calling!  I thought to myself; I'm going to add some clothing into the mix.

I started with 6 different styles and my customers LOVED it.  After some time I stopped selling jewelry for my dear friend and dedicated all of my time to The Black Daisy.  We launched our online boutique in March of 2016 and as of June 2017 we had opened a store front in Belton, Texas! It was our small paradise at about 400 square feet!  And as of March 2018 we have moved to Waco, Texas to a 1,000 square feet store! It surely has been a whirlwind and we feel so blessed.

As a mother of two adopted boys, a law enforcement wife, a military wife, and a woman that just 12 short years ago was struggling with homelessness and addiction I am here to say; DREAM OUT LOUD!  Dream bigger than you could ever imagine.  Because you can make it out of ANY situation.

I hope you LOVE The Black Daisy and I hope to meet you at the store!

Philippians 4:13